Hopefully the beginning of a beautiful blog.


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I recently “discovered”  thebloggess.com and completely fell in love with her. She makes my day little brighter and I think makes many people that come to her blog smile on a daily basis. If you don’t believe me just check this out http://thebloggess.com/2011/06/and-thats-why-you-should-learn-to-pick-your-battles/

Anyway back to why I started this. I started from the beginning of thebloggess.com and found a post by her about Naked Blogging and was truly moved by the story she posted that I thought I would try it out. I am a person that spends a lot of time hiding my emotions. I keep everything so bottled up and sometimes it just gets so overwhelming. I am not a writer by any means and ,embarrassingly, English was one of the subjects in school I struggled with. Science and math I had no issues but writing was extremely difficult for me. Please grammar Nazis do not crucify me for having poor writing skills. I just want to come here and say what is on my mind.

I hope that maybe sharing my feelings with anyone that happens upon this blog will maybe help someone along the way that sees that other people out there are struggling in the same way. Working together to figure it out and possibly make a few internet friends.

Thanks for listening internet.