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Life has been busy lately so haven’t posted. Here are things in a nutshell.

I finally started painting my nativity set I purchased in September. I started cleaning the house, found the box and decided to start. I have taken a few days off from painting but I at least have Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus finished. I should really get back on that but first I have to get back to that cleaning and organization so I can get my decorations out and prepare for Christmas at my house.

So Thanksgiving came and I had a wonderful time at my in-laws as usual. We had our meal, made out our Christmas lists, drew names for the gift exchange and put up the Christmas tree. Everything is always such low stress there and it makes for a nice day. We did have to leave the puppy dog at home instead of bringing him this year since my nephew was bringing his 3 year old little girl. She hasn’t been around big dogs and we didn’t want to make her scared. My other niece lives with dogs and she never has a problem with our big sweetie.

Black Friday rolls around and I spent the day shopping online. Crowds aren’t my thing and unless I am worried about the quality of something I stick to the internet. I enjoyed just hanging around the house with the husband and the dog. We watched tv and took a nap before going out to a party Friday night.

Now Saturday rolls around and it is looking to be another busy day. Thanksgiving dinner with my sister at her house and then Italian Thanksgiving with my friend Jay from out of town. We get to my sisters house at the designated time of 3:00pm. As usual she wasn’t ready but we figured it would be 30-40 minutes. We were wrong. We had to leave around 5:45 to meet my friend at the restaurant at 6:30 and when we left she still didn’t have dinner ready. (Dinner wasn’t actually finished until 7:00) And because I didn’t eat anything before I was starving. Once we met Jay and some other friends at the restaurant we had a great time. I finally got some great food (chicken livers) and enjoyed seeing Jay since it has been a while.

So with the frustration of Thanksgiving dinner being so late I brought up about having Christmas at my house. My sister is going along with it for now but I don’t think she is too happy about it. For whatever reason she wants to cram everyone in to her little living room and run around the house like a chicken with her head cut off making food that no one really eats because she puts weird stuff on it. I prefer my food more basic with just enough seasoning to accent the food but not over power it. My living room is larger and opens up to the dining room and kitchen. Hopefully we will get a date set this week and I can start planning. I am going to have my cousin come help cook and get everything ready since she got pushed out of helping my sister.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and are looking at having a great Christmas season!!