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This is going to be a little on the long side but I included a really cute picture of my dog so it’s worth it.

So last weekend I went camping with my husbands family for a Halloween campout. We go every year and always have a great time. I really enjoy spending time with my husbands family because I get to see first hand how much love a family can have for each other.

The Saturday of the campout is always filled with many events. The day starts with the Witch’s Flea Market at any camp sites that choose to participate, kid’s pumpkin carving contests, field games and then the costume contests start. The begin with the infants, then 5-7 year olds, 7-10 year olds, 10-13 year olds and then they get to the pet costume contests. We always enter our dog. He has won a few times and when he lost we always went back to the tent thinking how we could make his costume better for next year. Yes we are stage moms! So all year I had this plan to dress my 120 pound dog as a chia pet. Due to my procrastination I never went to get the items to make his costume. A couple weeks ago my husband ran across a Hawaiian shirt at the local Goodwill for a couple dollars. He grabbed it and we decided to dress our big baby as a tourist! We had the camera, hat and sunglasses to complete his costume.

He is smiling because he knows how awesome he is.

There were 14 dogs in the competition and they paraded around in front of the judges for a few minutes and then it was over and we had to wait until the contest winner presentation at the end of the evening before finding out who won.

We went back to the tent again to have dinner instead of going to the potluck at the pavilion. We enjoyed a great dinner between the twelve of us and then sat around the fire just playing a little catch up until time for the winners to be announced.

We headed up to the pavilion at 8:00pm with out camping chairs and patiently (at least everyone but me was patient) waited for the announcement. They start off the evening festivities with the adult costume contest. They come in parade in front of the judges then they have a little dance. Some bluegrass is played and the participants have a little hoe down. It is always very interesting to watch and we always laugh a lot.

Those were the longest 10 minutes of my life waiting on them to finish the parading/dancing and then winners being announced. I am not sure why I was so anxious this time but I just wanted to know one way or the other if my dog won. And of course because I was so anxious they started with the pumpkin carving, then the costume contests by age AND sex. Then we go to the pet portion.

So they announce 3rd place and it wasn’t my dog. They get to 2nd place and again it wasn’t my dog. Finally they get to 1st place and they announced my dog!! We were so excited. His prize was a bag of bacon strips treats and a little food bowl. The food bowl was way too small for him so we are going to find someone to give it to. Of course he loved the treats.

So to this weekend. Our local pet supply store was having a pet costume contest and since I am working on trying to get out of the house more outside work I asked the hubby is he wanted to take our dog up there. Of course he was up to it because he is less of a homebody than me.

Walking in at registration time there really weren’t a lot of pets there. There were seventeen dogs and one cat entered by the time the contest started. Thankfully this one didn’t take too long to announce winners. Third place, a little white fluffy dog dressed as the ond lady in the shoe including a “shoe” made out of a box. Second place, was a 3-legged dog dressed as a pirate, including a hook in place of his missing front leg. First place…………………our boy again!!!!

have had so much fun this Halloween so far and I think the dog enjoys meeting new “friends” when we take him out.

Sorry for the length. Maybe one of these days I will take some writing classes and learn to write like a real writer.