So I felt so great after posting my last blog. I felt like a little bit of the pain was lifted off me. Of course things don’t stay that way for me. I get a call that my grandfathers health is declining and hospice is being called in. This news isn’t a complete shock because he has been in a nursing home for about a year but it still sucks. My issues started when I went to the nursing home to see him. Because of HIPPA laws they cannot discuss his health with me without my Uncle’s okay since he is POA. The nursing staff calls my uncle and he tells them not to share anything with me and I needed to get the info from him. I have been trying to call him back for hours and no able to get a hold of him. What kind of fucked up shit is that? He tells me I have to go through him but then doesn’t answer his phone. Then he calls my sister and fills her in. Will he call me back? No apparently. I am so over this family. When my grandfather passes I really will be finished with everyone in my family. I said my goodbyes to him tonight and might not attend his funeral to be around people that obviously do not want me around. My grandfather “died” a long time ago. The body that is in that home is not my grandfather and hasn’t been for a long time. My husbands family is my family now and they want me around. They accept me for me and don’t leave me out. I have been so depressed for months over all the drama and bullshit after my mom died and I just can’t deal with it anymore. I need to live life for me and give a big fuck you to the people I am related to by blood. I ❤ you B.