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I am in my mid-late 20’s and have been married to a wonderful man for 7 years. I have sung most of my life and it is something that I did until recently and will eventually do again. (That is a-whole-another blog) I sing choral music and will never be the next American Idol but it is something I always enjoyed. Making beautiful music and knowing that it touched someone made me proud.

In my first post I said I spend a lot of time hiding my emotions but that really isn’t 100% true. Music can bring out emotion in me. I can also cry like a baby at movies or tv shows. (I am sitting here watching Army Wives on Netflix and feel like I got punched in the face from crying.) I love my husband and I have a dog I love and adore. The dog kept bringing home animals from the woods so we bought him a hamster. A year and a half in to it and they are such awesome friends.

I can get angry very easy and a little snarky at times. Anything I view as possibly vulnerable is what I tend to hide. If I am hurt, feel abandoned, embarrassed, ect. I end up just tamping it down. I at times feel like I have to be glue to hold everything together and am trying to learn no to do that. I need to let it out and if letting it out anonymously online helps me to learn and grow I definitely will be doing that.